"I found this to be by far the best Marriage Enrichment curriculum available in the marketplace today." -- Alison Crews, M.S. (Counselor, Family Life Educator)

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  1. Jacquelyn Wilson
    Dear Drs. Walker, I was searching for a Christian Retreat for black couples to attend to strenthen my marriage when I came across you book/CD series For Christian Lovers Only. I would like to recommend it to our Couples' Ministry. I think it is what my marriage needs and many others to stay together and grow stronger. Can you please clarify if this is a year long series? I notice it states above there are eight weekly, twelve monthly, and retreat lessons. I would like to suggest to our Couples' Ministry we start the series in January and perhaps have a weekend retreat around Valentines Day or have a kick off with a retreat around Valentine Day. I also wonder if you are willing to travel to CT and if so what are your rates to conduct a weekend Retreat. Thank you in advance! Sisterly blessings
    • christianlovers
      Greetings Jacquelyn; All together the material in the kit will give you a years worth of material. There are 12 monthly session. We can travel to conduct weekend retreats. You can contact us at [email protected] or 302-995-5641. God bless.
  2. rob
    dear Doctor Walker Looking for a couple counseling curriculum. However many of the couples are not marries , some are even cohabiting out of marriage. Is your curriculum broad enough to reach those couples also, and even lead them to marriage.
    • christianlovers
      Blessings Rob; The DVD included in the kit has training that will help men and women understand what they need in a relationship and what they other person needs. We have used this material with Singles. In that way it is general enough for the group you describe. It is howver unapologetically Bible based. The communication training would also relate to any relationship. Peace The Walkers
  3. Monique
    I would like to know what would be some good products for me to purchase. I just got back with my Ex-husband of 8 years and he constantly abuse alcohol everyday. 18 beers and 1/2 pint of liquor can be gone in a 5 to 6 hour time. And then the hell comes. I know I should have spoke with someone in my church family, and didn't. Please let me know if you have any good material for me to read. Thank you, Monique
    • christianlovers
      We have a teaching CD called "Dealing with an Unsaved Mate" (http://www.clarencewalkerministries.com) Even if your husband thinks he is saved, he is functioning like an unsaved or very carmal christian. This resource will give you some help to know how you should respond. You should not tolerate any abuse and if he is not willing to get help you may need to re-think your decision to be with him. Of course you should pray for him, Breaking Strongholds in the African American Family by Dr Clarence Walker on Amazon is a great resource. Your husband has a demonic stronghold that must be broken but he must be willing. God bless
  4. lei
    What do you do if your father has pass away and your mom is a widow. I am the only boy in the family and I was told that I need to leave my mom alone and she is not to bother me and my wife. So do I still cling to my wife and let God take care of my mom.
    • christianlovers
      You should care for your mother, the key is balance. You have to have time for your wife and family, if you work on building that relationship, if you honor your wife and she feels loved she should not have issues with you caring for your mom. As you get older you will both have family members that you may have to care for but it should not break up your family. Talk about it together, pray about it together. Listen to what your wife is saying if she is complaining work on compromising. God bless- Dr. Ja'Ola
  5. GeriAustral
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